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How To Avoid High Interest On Short-Term Loans

A pet mouse cycling endlessly on a run around wheel is fun to watch. Being a human mouse on the run around wheel of debt – not so fun. Ideally, when surprise expenses rear their ugly heads, you can dig into your emergency fund no worse for the wear. Unfortunately, according to CNNMoney , 27 percent of Americans have no savings at all. 

When surprise expenses appear and you need money fast, there are three quick borrowing options:

  • Small consumer loan at the local bank
  • Payday loan
  • Pawn loan

Consumer Loan

The lowest risk and interest rates would be found at the local bank. For those with a bank account and good credit rating, this would be the best choice. Loans are offered only to people who can reasonably be expected to repay the debt, therefore lenders can afford to charge lower interest rates.

Payday loan

Lenders typically offer borrowers a set loan amount for two weeks, with a percentage rate interest. The borrower offers a post-dated check and proof of employment in exchange for the short-term loan. Risk is very high for the lender, therefore interest rates are extremely high. lists annual interest rates charged for two week payday loans at 391 to 521 percent. They also offer a fact sheet providing a breakdown of the reasons this type of borrowing tends to result in a vicious cycle of revolving debt. 

Pawn Loan

For those who have sufficient collateral to offer, visiting a jewelry pawn shop may be the ideal solution. The collateral for the short-term loan is held by the pawn shop for a specified period, which is usually 30 days. As long as the borrower can raise the fee for the loan before the time ends, they can redeem their items with no loss incurred, save the predetermined interest charge. 

Pawn shop owners hold the valuable collateral until refunded the amount of the loan plus interest. They have a low risk of not being able to cover the expense of lending the money, therefore interest rates are significantly lower than payday loan lenders.

In the worst case scenario for a person who pawned an item, the money is not available at the end of the loan period and ownership of the object is forfeited. While losing the item may prove painful, the cycle of debt has ended at this point, and the person is free to move forward.

Avoiding the run around wheel of debt starts with the choices made on a daily basis. Any amount set aside in savings will be a step towards alleviating the need to borrow funds when an emergency happens. If unplanned expenses arrive before your savings is built up, then choose the least risky, lowest interest loan available for your situation.

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Concrete Sawing Processes For Different Projects

Concrete sawing is a process that employs the tough nature of diamond to cut right through concrete. Concrete sawing, as a concrete removal option, has fast gained popularity among concrete contractors and customers due to the non invasive, precise nature of the process. Unlike demolition or concrete cracking, a contractor sawing through concrete least disturbs the environment while also cutting exactly what he or she needs out easily. There are many different concrete sawing methods suitable for different projects. Here are some of the most employed ones:

Wire sawing

This sawing method is best suitable for cutting very thick concrete slabs. It is a very good alternative to demolition. Wire sawing is employed in large scale concrete removal projects. The rotating wire, teethed with diamond spikes, cuts right through extremely thick concrete columns. This results in neat but not-so-precise concrete cuts.

Slab sawing

This method is used to make alterations to existing concrete in buildings, pavements and even bridges. The concrete sawing machine is walked with a single operator in the direction of the needed cut. These machines are easy to operate, require only one operator and many are quite noiseless. The machines are also fast and precise. Such sawing would better suit a construction or repair project that does not need very thick concrete removal from a horizontally flat surface such as pavement repair, floor cuts and similar tasks.

Wall sawing

As the name suggests, concrete wall sawing involves the removal of vertical concrete or the cutting off of concrete from walls.  The method is useful in creating precise cuts for doors, windows and other ventilation features on walls.  Since the machines cannot cut too deep into the wall, most contractors make double incisions, one on either side of the wall, to achieve a through and through cut.

Hand sawing

Hand sawing, or chain sawing, is a method used when the concrete to be cut is located in an extremely hard to maneuver location. Hand sawing involves the use of diamond hand saws or chainsaws to cut off concrete portions.  Hand sawing is easy, quick and very precise. The saws can achieve a high degree of penetration and are therefore suitable for special locality jobs such as plumbing, electrical and even air conditioning problems.

These are just some of the many concrete sawing techniques with different devices available to contractors. It is important to know each technique very well and learn how to use the devices carefully before attempting any do-it -yourself procedure. (For more information on concrete sawing, contact a company such as Concrete Sawing Co Inc)

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Three Ways To Help Your Office Stay Germ-Free Through Flu Season

With the flu season well on its way, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be at least a few of your office employees who get sick and have to take time off of work. However, there are always those residual germs floating around that are an even bigger worry within a closed up space like an office. If you want to help to prevent flu germs from spreading like wildfire this season, there are a few cleaning practices that you should adopt in your workplace.

Provide Hand-Sanitizer for Everyone

One of the simplest ways to make sure that germs are eliminated during flu season is to make use of sanitizing products that are on the market. Hand sanitizer is usually capable of eliminating most germs because it contains as much as 90 percent isopropyl alcohol. This used in conjunction with proper hand washing techniques can be enough to ward off the flu germs that may be lingering around the office.

Pay Close Attention to Office Furniture

That professional office furniture may be safe as far as ergonomics are concerned, but if you do not have it properly cleaned during flu season it can be one of the most unsafe things in the office. Flu germs can be passed from employee to employee via hand contact surfaces, like office furniture, that have been contaminated by someone who is already sick. Encourage workers to clean their workstation, including their chair, desk, and keyboard every day with antibacterial wipes. Furthermore, the janitorial staff should be paying closer attention to sanitizing these areas during usual cleaning routines when business hours are over.

Post Signs Around the Office and Send Company Memos to Employees

When the flu season is in full swing, it is a good idea to keep your employees well-informed about how to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. Use signs in bathrooms and break areas to encourage hand-washing and use of sanitizing agents. Send memos to your employees encouraging them to stay home if they are sick and educate them about the importance of doing so. Keeping your employees in the know could go a long way to help prevent a flu outbreak in your office.

There is nothing good about an office full of sick people and there is definitely no good that can come out of several people being absent from the office. With a little attention to detail you can help prevent your employees from getting sick during flu season.

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2 Easy Crafts To Make For Decorating The Tables In Your Restaurant

If you operate a restaurant business and are looking for a unique, cost-effective way to decorate your tables, here are two great ideas. Each of these ideas is affordable, and you can use your own creativity to enhance the ideas to make them fit the needs of your restaurant.

Make Placemats

You can purchase all kinds of specialty paper to use to make your own place mats, and this is an easy project that anyone could do. To make placemats with specialty paper, start by choosing the type of paper you would like to use. You can use standard size pieces of paper, or you could use larger ones.

After you select the paper that you like, you will need to laminate it. You can do this yourself if you have a laminating machine, you purchase laminating paper, or you can hire this out to a company that sells paper.

Once the sheets are laminated, you will have unique, beautiful place mats to use at your restaurant, and you can reuse these over and over. Another nice factor is that you can make different ones for holidays or special events, and you will not have to spend a lot of money on this.

Make Your Own Vases

A second great idea that is easy and cheap is making vases to use for your centerpieces. To make these, you will need:

  • Specialty paper
  • White glue
  • Sponge brush
  • Scissors
  • Jars
  • Flowers

You can use your leftover specialty paper so it matches the place mats you made, and you can save up a variety of different types of jars to use for the vases. The jars can be any size or shape, but you must wash off all of the labels and sticky residue from them before you begin.

To begin, you must cut the specialty paper into pieces that will fit inside the jars. You will then need to use the sponge brush to rub glue all over the inside of the jar. Once the glue is inside, you can place the papers in the jars and push them against the sides so they stay.

Once the jars dry, you will have the perfect vases to use for your tables, and you can place any types of flowers in the vases.

These are easy ideas to use for any type of restaurant, and you can customize them to fit the needs, desires, and themes of your restaurant business. 

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How Aerial Advertising Can Help Your Sales Soar

If you have a business where you sell a product or a service, you most likely use advertisements of some sort to help entice people to purchase whatever it is you are selling. Advertising is done in several different ways, with the ultimate goal of attracting customers by using slogans and offering bargains. If you live in a coastal town, aerial advertising can help you boost your customer base even more.

Here is some information that you can use to help with your advertising strategies by taking your marketing to the air.

Banner Advertising

When deciding you would like to try an aerial advertisement to see if it will increase your customer base, you will need to decide where you would like the advertisement to be promoted and what kind of advertisement you would like to see. With a business in a coastal community, airplane and helicopter banner advertisements work very well in drawing in clients.

The sky transportation would attach a huge banner to the back of the structure and fly back and forth for a set amount of time, along the beach area that you specify.

You can order the banner directly from the aerial advertising service. You upload a picture of exactly what you would like the plane to fly with. The company enlarges the sample onto a huge banner. People will paint the lettering and background on the banner after the outline is transferred to the banner. This is to save on the cost of ink. The airplane flies up and the banner is seen from down below every time it flies up and down the coastline.

Skywriting Advertising

You can also try a skywriting advertisement. This is done by having an airplane emit smoke from smoke oil tanks into the air. They fly in the pattern of the different letters that you are trying to spell out. This type of advertisement gets a great reaction, as people will stare at the sky to see what letter the plane will spell out next.

It is usually used by bigger, established companies as the plane is limited in the amount of oil it is able to bring up into the sky, thereby only being able to spell out a certain number of letters. Well-known or newer companies use this service to get that one word out there, enticing people to seek more information about the company on their own.

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