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New To Ecommerce? 3 Important Considerations To Make Regarding Shipping

Moving your business from an in-store only shopping experience to an ecommerce shopping experience is very exciting. This new step in your business will make it possible for you to expand your reach, grow your success and boost your bottom line.

However, while venturing into the world of ecommerce is certainly exciting, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking. Once the product that you have worked so hard on developing and perfecting leaves your hands and passes into the hands of a shipping company, you give up all control. How do you know your products will be handled properly? How do you know that they will arrive safely and on time?

Now that you have added ecommerce, shipping is an important element of your business. Here’s a look at some things that you need to consider in order to ensure that shipping is handled properly and that your consumers receive undamaged products.

The Packaging Materials

One of the most important elements of shipping is the packaging materials that are used. Not only do they have an impact on the safety of the products that are being delivered, but they also have an impact on the impression you leave on your customers.

Instead of wrapping your products in bubble wrap and sticking them in a lackluster plastic bag, think outside the box and choose a shipping material that will stand out.

Think about it: How excited are you when you receive a package in the mail? Now, if that package doesn’t look like every other package, you’d probably be even more excited to receive it; keep that in mind when choosing a packaging material. Some options to consider include:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Custom boxes
  • Colorful bags

Choose a shipping material that stands out and one that will provide the protection that your products need while they are in transit. Contact an outlet such as Associated Paper & Supply for further assistance.

Protect It

If you are sending delicate items, make sure that they are properly protected. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts and shredded paper are all items that can provide your goods with the protection that they need while being transported from your facility to the consumer. Of course, if the package is extra fragile, go the extra mile and make sure that the word “fragile” is very clearly printed on the package.

Dress It Up

Once you choose your shipping materials, you should really consider dressing up the package. Place the items so that they are neatly folded and perhaps wrapped with a colorful ribbon. Add a thank-you note inside the package. On the outside of the package, place a customized shipping label that features your logo. It’s these little things that will make your business stand out, make new customers repeat customers and expand the success of your business.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your venture into ecommerce is a successful one. 

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Items That Are Tax Deductible During Your Move Out Of State For Business

Congratulations! You got the job and all you have to do now is move to where it’s located. Hopefully, your new employer will reimburse you for your moving expenses. If this is not the case or you exceed your budget, read on for items that you can deduct on this year’s taxes for your out of state move. Also, remember to keep all of your receipts in a secure place. If you are driving, remember to keep a detailed record of your mileage in a notebook or on your phone.

If you keep all of your receipts organized and in one place throughout your move, tax time will be much easier. If you get audited by the IRS you are going to need all of these receipts to prove that the expenses incurred were necessary for your move.

Another important thing to remember: If your employer is reimbursing you for any of your moving expenses, you can not deduct these items from your taxes. This is known as “double-dipping”. The IRS will find out because your employer will be reporting to the IRS and taking a deduction for paying your moving expenses.

So you are all packed and ready to begin your journey. Contact professionals, such as those from United Moving and Storage, for further assistance. Read on to find out what receipts to keep for your records.

Whatever mode of transportation you choose to move to your new city

That’s right. You can go by plane, personal vehicle, or by moving van.

By plane

The IRS will let you deduct your plane tickets, cost of checking baggage, costs associated with flying pets, and cost of transportation to the airport.

By personal vehicle

If you are using your own vehicle to move, it’s important to keep a record of your mileage, gas receipts, record of tolls, and any vehicle maintenance that occurs as a result of your move, such as an oil change or flat tire repair.

Moving van or truck and rental cars

You can deduct the cost to rent the vehicle, plus gas, and tolls.


You are allowed to deduct the cost of lodging on your journey.

Don’t bother keeping receipts for following


This surprises a lot of people, but the IRS will not let you deduct your meals during your move.

Tourist attractions and museums

These are considered leisure activities and are not part of your move for business purposes

Mileage for detours to sight see

Any extra driving that is not heading directly towards the city where your job is located may not be deducted.

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Trucking Insurance Questions Addressed

Being a trucker can be a rewarding career path that also has relatively stable demand for workers. However, this career can present many unique challenges because you are operating a massive vehicle on public roads. Not surprisingly, there are strict insurance requirements for these professionals, but if you are new to this career, there are likely a couple of questions that you are needing answered. 

Why Do Truck Insurance Rates Vary So Much?

When you are shopping for insurance, you may notice that you are receiving vastly different quotes for a policy. While this can be frustrating, it is important to note that this happens because each insurance carrier has a different formula for determining the risk of insuring a particular driver. 

For example, there are many insurance carriers that will not particular consider a person’s credit history, but there are others that will place special emphasis on this factor. This is just one example, and each company can determine which factors it will weigh. However, it should also be noted that you should not pay too much attention looking for the cheapest policy because it may not provide you with adequate protection if you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident. 

Why Do You Need Two Insurance Policies?

Many people that are new to truck driving are shocked to learn that they are required to have two separate insurance policies on their vehicle. In particular, they need to have one that provides coverage while they are using the truck for work, and another policy that offers protection when they are using the truck for off-duty purposes. 

Unfortunately, there are few insurance companies that will sell you a single policy that provides both of these forms of protection. This stems from the fact that the type of hauling you do with your truck will drastically affect the price of your policy. Fortunately, you will usually be able to write off your policy for work coverage when it comes time to file taxes, and this can help you get some of that money back in your pocket. 

Ensuring that they are protected from the financial repercussions of an accident is a major concern for truck drivers. If you are just entering this field of employment, understanding these answers to common questions about trucker insurance will help you ensure that you are fully protected in the event an accident occurs that is the result of your actions. Visit websites like for more information.

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