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What You Really Need to Know about Your Car Battery

What the mechanically disinclined know about a car battery would fit on one of the battery terminals. You know the engine will not start without one, and you know that they are most likely to die during a horrific blizzard or in the parking lot of an amusement park. You may also know that jumper cables are somehow involved. Other than that, you are clueless. In truth, you only need to be aware of a few facts.

Batteries Are Not Eternal

The average car battery life has been extended to 3.5 to 4 years. At some point in your car ownership, you will need to replace your current battery with a new one.  Consult your car manual, which is probably unwrapped in your glove box, or your local auto parts expert for guidance on buying a new one.  Usually, whoever sells you the battery will install it for you, so you don’t even need to get your hands dirty.

Recharging the Battery

If your battery goes “flat,” it is not dead but has lost its charge. Although dying batteries often start to go flat regularly, a healthy one can be drained overnight when you leave interior lights on or leave the trunk ajar. You just need a jump start to get the car going. If you are not comfortable using a pair of jumper cables, you may call for roadside assistance, or, better yet, get a friendly neighbor to help you. Be aware that simply driving around town will not completely recharge your battery, despite what the neighbor may tell you.  Completely recharging your battery requires using a multi-stage battery charger, something your mechanic can handle. Be aware that driving with an undercharged battery will shorten its life.

Battery Damage

Running your car on a bad battery, one that has to be continually recharged, is not just inconvenient for you and your neighbor. You are possibly damaging other parts of your vehicle by postponing the inevitable new battery purchase. The alternator and starter are strained when the battery is bad, meaning they may have to be replaced early, an expensive proposition. Ignoring the battery problem just makes your life more difficult in the long run, so take a deep breath and hand over the cash.

Even the most mechanically uninterested drivers need to know a few facts about their vehicle. Keeping the car battery in good condition is a basic requirement that takes almost no effort.  When the battery goes bad, though, it goes fast. Do not ignore the signs, or you may be stranded at the most inconvenient time. If you do need to replace your battery, contact a shop such as Battery Tree.

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Prepping For A Corporate Move – Four Tips For Efficiency

If your business is moving, whether across town or across country, planning your move to go as smoothly as possible is important. Having an efficient move will save time, money and let you focus on building up your new location. The less stress that you have during a corporate move the better. Here are four tips for an efficient business-related move.

1. Decide What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

Take a hard look at what office supplies you should bring along and what should be left behind. Especially if you are moving your business long distance, bringing along items you will be replacing in a year or two probably isn’t worth it. If your office is due for a new upgrade on items such as computers or desk chairs, this might be the perfect time for a fresh start and to save money on moving.

2. Don’t Try to do it all Yourself

Even if your business is small, it is well worth the money to hire on movers to help. Moving companies can do the hard work and heavy lifting for you. Hire commercial movers that are familiar with corporate moves, since they will know how to properly pack up and move expensive or delicate office supplies.

3. Set up a Planning Committee

Moving involves multiple steps, from determining time frames, to packing, the physical move, and setting up a new location. If you are relocating staff to your new location, make sure that they are involved in the entire process. Solicit a planning committee to help manage the move, and make sure to allocate work time and a possible stipend for those who help.

4. Support for Both Ends of a Move

It is a good idea to send out staff to the new location to survey it before a move and to be on-site when movers arrive with office equipment. Find staff that can help with this step and can indicate your wishes, whether it is packing up the old site or unpacking at the new business site. You can’t be in both places at once, so delegate this task to a trusted individual or team to help.

Planning a move for your business can seem like a large effort, but if you can plan this out well and get help you will have a much easier time tracking loose ends. Getting through the move process efficiently will give you time to focus on the next chapter of your business. Contact a local mover, like Christofferson Moving & Storage, with any questions or concerns.

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