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Promotional Product Ideas for Your Restaurant Grand Opening

Promotional products are a great way to get the word out about your new restaurant. You can pass them out at community events or send them through the mail. There are all kinds of items you can customize with your restaurant’s name and address. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider.

Direct Mail

Magnets are good items to send through the mail because they are lightweight and fit inside an envelope easily. They are also a good match if your restaurant offers delivery service. Your customers can keep your information handy on their refrigerator so they can call for pizza, Chinese, or whatever foods you deliver. If you don’t deliver, you may want to have coupons printed on the magnets. Customers can redeem the coupon by returning the magnet to the restaurant.

Street Giveaways

If your restaurant is near a busy sidewalk or strip mall, you may want to attract attention to your restaurant by giving away items to people walking near your place of business. You can give balloons to kids and inexpensive items to adults, such as mints covered in wrappers imprinted with your restaurant name.

Event Booths

Another way to introduce your restaurant to the community is by setting up a booth at a local event. You could give away food samples if appropriate and printed copies of your menu. In addition, you could give away a variety of food-related freebies imprinted with your information such as cork coasters, bottle openers, calorie-counter cards, shot glasses, mugs, bag clips, and pizza cutters. Try to find items that fit the theme of your restaurant if possible.

Restaurant Giveaways

You can also give away a variety of promotional products during the grand opening of your restaurant when customers visit in person. Keep a basket of imprinted candies near the entrance. Give away buttons, pens, magnets, coloring books, crayons, and plastic glasses. You could even announce you are giving away a certain number of t-shirts or chef aprons on opening night.

The goal is to give away as many freebies as you can so the products advertise your restaurant out in the community. You’ll also foster goodwill among your customers since everyone loves to get free stuff, even if it is something inexpensive. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when you undertake a promotional products campaign. Things as simple as balloons, flyers, and coupons can work wonders. If you want to give away more expensive items, keep in mind, you can usually get a cheaper price per unit when you order a larger amount upfront. Therefore, it may be best for your budget to place a big order of a single item rather than smaller orders for several different things. You might want to check out Keeton’s Office Supply to get ideas for more promotional products.

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Designing A Sign For Your Business: What Should Be Included

If you want your business to stand out among consumers, then you need proper signage to make your company known. Outdoor ground signs advertise your business to anyone who is driving or walking by, whether they were headed your way or not, and tells people what they can expect before they walk into the door. When designing a sign to place outside your business, you want to include catchy graphics, color schemes, and verbiage so even curious passersby can’t help but walk inside to see what you’re all about. Here are tips on what to include on your ground sign.

Business information

It’s common sense that your ground sign will include your company name and logo, but you shouldn’t stop there. Your ground sign should always contain your business’s phone number. Why? Because people driving by later in the evening or on weekends when your business is not open will still want to obtain your phone number so they can call later to see when you are open. Or, a person who doesn’t have the time to stop in when they first drive by may want to call in to ask a quick question about what you offer. If you have a website, include that on your ground sign as well so people can go online and see what you’re all about.


Always go with a bold sign, so people driving by can easily make your ground sign out among others in the area. The best way to do this is by choosing a bold font against a contrasting background color scheme. Many businesses choose a yellow background and black font, or even a black or dark blue background and bright white font for their signs.

If you can, create a border of unique color around the edge of your sign to give it personality, such as a purple, neon green, or bright red outline. A border focuses a person’s eye straight to your business sign, which can make it easier for them to hone in on when driving or walking by.


Your company name should always come first on your sign, followed again by a phone number and website (if you have one). Don’t forget to include a few bullet points of what you offer and your tagline. For instance, if you own a dry cleaning business, you may want to include your:

  • same day service
  • hand-pressing techniques
  • dry cleaning delivery or pickup options
  • corporate apparel discounts

Make sure you use verbiage that is exciting and inviting to make even your smallest service sound like a large benefit to your customers. Even if you can only throw in one or two benefits, pick the best ones, such as that you are open Sundays or that children under 3 are free.

Your ground sign is what you can use to advertise your business even when you are closed. The right sign contains your business contact information, is bright and easy to read, and provides engaging information and verbiage that makes customers want to choose you over your competitors. In making the right ground sign, you can help your business flourish in new ways.

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