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Is Your Home For Rent? How A Property Management Company Can Help

If you are putting your home up for rent, you may want to consider hiring a property management company from a site like to help you. It can save you time, because this company can deal with things like marketing your home, and managing your landscaping.

Finding Tenants

Finding the right tenants is one of the most important decisions you can make as a landlord. A property management company can help you find tenants that will pay their rent on time each month, keep your rental home in good conditions, and not cause any problems. The first thing they will likely do is define the terms of the rental agreement. They will help you determine how much rent you want to charge, whether to offer a month to month or fixed term lease, and how many tenants are allowed to occupy the home. They will also help you determine if you need to charge a security deposit, and how much the deposit should be.

The property management company will also take care of advertising the home. For example, they will use for rent signs in the yard, advertise your rental home online with different services, put an ad in local newspapers, make up flyers to distribute, and may work with local real estate agencies that handle rental properties..

They will take care of interviewing possible renters, doing the background checks, and going over the rental agreement with them to make sure they understand everything.

Managing the Landscape

If you have a few flowers planted in the front yard, or a couple of bushes, the property management company will likely hire a landscape company to create a new landscape design for your yard. The company may adorn the entrance to your home with assorted perennials and annuals using flowers like Lily-of-the-Nile, Snapdragon, and Petunia, and placing flowers by the front door. The company can add dimension by using hanging baskets and elevated planters, and by adding a decorative bench, water fountain, or a garden statue.

You may have potential visitors visit your home in the evenings. For this reason, landscape lighting should be used so they can still enjoy the beautiful landscaping. The property management company may suggest placing lights along paths or walkways so people can see their way. For this, lights that project downward should be used so they do not glare in someone’s eyes.

Landscape lighting can be used to outline a flower bed using rope lights. Downlighting placed over the flower garden casts the light down over it. Uplighting can be used to cast a light upward to illuminate a structure, such as a water fountain or statue.

Entry lighting is also important to illuminate stairs. They will choose hardware that goes well with your home. A softer landscape lighting mood can be achieved by placing the landscape lighting under bushes or shrubs.

The property management company can help you with things like handling repair and maintenance issues, and collecting rental payments for you.

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Finding The Right Candidate For The Job

If your business is ready to hire and the positions you have available require individuals that meet certain criteria, you will want to take extra time in the process used for interviewing. There are a few ways you can obtain employees who will work well within your company. Here are some methods to consider when trying to find the best candidate for the employment opportunity you have available.

Hire A Headhunting Service

Headhunting services will do the work for you to weed through applications, leaving you with the best of the bunch to interview. You will need to pay a fee to the service and they will scout out the area for applicants by placing their own advertisements in newspapers and online. From the batch of resumes they receive, they will match the qualifications to the traits you had requested and will provide you with a list of people you will want to give interviews.

Purchase Recruiting Software

Smart recruiting software will allow you to track all applicants by inputting information into a program to be analyzed in a variety of methods. The information is usually obtained by linking your software to an employment website. You will list a help wanted advertisement and when a person applies, their personal information will be directed into your account. You can sift through the applicant information to find the best matches for the job and then call the people to interview. 

After interviewing is over, information can be input into the program so you remember what qualities you like or do not like about each person. Many recruiting software programs are completely cloud-based, allowing you to look up the information at any time from a cellphone, laptop, or tablet without needing to download anything to the system. These accounts are usually ongoing and paid for by the month or year.

Join A Job Fair

Consider enrolling your company to hold a booth at a job fair. This is a great opportunity to see applicants in person when they hand in their credentials to be looked at for hiring. You will be able to ask each applicant questions right on the spot to decide whether you would like to find out more about them at a later time. If you seem to click with an applicant, simply mark their paperwork with an unobtrusive notation on the back or in the corner so you will be sure to give them a follow-up call to bring them into your company for an interview.

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