If you run an online business, your website has what are called analytics. These are data points created through analyzing the traffic to and from your website. Basically, analytics let you know things like how many people visited and which pages they stayed on the longest. Analytics are very valuable because they show what tactics work to get web traffic. And if you have decided to sell your business, it gives scam artists a chance to grab your analytics and leave you with dwindling business.

Knowing Analytics Means They Can Swipe Your Audience

If a competitor gets access to your click analytics (data showing where people were clicking when they looked at your site), for example, he or she could configure the competing website with the features that worked for you. That might not sound so bad at first — but the competing website could pull customers away from your site, possibly making you lose money in the process. The competitor really doesn’t have to do anything other than tweak their websites so that they are saturated with attractive links and articles.

Getting You to Hand Over Analytics on a Platter

The worst part about a competitor grabbing your website analytics is that it’s often you who gave them out in the first place. SEOBook notes that a common tactic is to find a person who wants to sell a company or website and then to ask for the data before closing the sale. The buyer says they want to buy your company and follows through with almost all required paperwork, but once you agree to sell to them, they say that they need to look at your website data first to ensure everything is fine. They say they’ll complete the sale after they take a look.

SEOBook is firmly against giving out analytics, asking why the buyer made an offer to begin with if they had no idea of how the site was doing. This could make many buyers threaten to walk away, but SEOBook is right — if they made an offer to begin with, either they already knew the site was worth buying, or they have an ulterior motive. If you do give them your data, there’s a good chance that they’ll secretly take the good information and implement it on their own sites while suddenly deciding not to buy your site.

If you want to find out how to sell your business or website safely, without losing customers or data, contact small-business for sale sites. They should have procedures in place that allow potential buyers to check out your site without risking data theft.