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3 Interview Changes To Help You Quickly Assemble An All-Star Sales Team

If it is has come time to expand your sales team, you will want to do it quickly. However, at the same time, you’ll want to make sure that you build a team of all stars. You want the best of the best – or at least a group of individuals who can start out great and build themselves up to high-class rock stars. If you’ve had trouble doing this in the past, then you may want to consider taking another look at your strategy for recruiting candidates. All it takes is a little tweak to the way you do interviews to see a huge difference. Here are three things you can do:

1. Opt to Interview Your Candidates in Just a Single Day.

Rather than spend days, weeks or months interviewing your candidates, you should consider condensing the interviewing process into a single day. To do this, you will likely want to hire a marketing recruiter to help you gather potentially qualified candidates. Schedule each applicant for roughly a 30-minute interview. You may be wondering what type of benefit this could offer you. While you may be jam-packed this one day, you’ll be able to extend offers within 24 to 48 hours to candidates and then be able to get them hired and trained not long after that. You can quickly fill the void of your sales team without having to sacrifice quality.

2. Have Two Interviewers for Each Candidate.

It isn’t uncommon in today’s world for applicants to be called back for a second interview. Unfortunately, if you need to develop a sales team quickly, you don’t have time for that. So, to avoid the second interview, double up on the number of interviewers for each candidate. Instead of having one person interview the potential job candidate, make sure there are two hiring managers to ask questions, focus on the candidate’s reactions and take notes during the interview.  

3. Try to Focus on An Applicant’s Skills Rather Than Their Experience.

While it is true that education and experience are important, these two things shouldn’t always be the most important thing. In fact, you should also take a very close look at an applicant’s skills. This is particularly true in a sales job. A salesperson needs hunger and raw smarts. He or she needs to be fearless, good at communicating, and able to strive to get things done regardless of his or her background. When a candidate has this, their background is often irrelevant, as they will be able to quickly learn what it takes to be an excellent sales representative and be able to turn a huge profit for the company.  

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3 Important Office Organization Tips

Organizing your office can seem like an almost Sisyphean task. There are documents to file, containers to stack, papers to shred; the list can seemingly go on and on. However, making your office space markedly less cluttered need not be so difficult. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few simple tips to make your office space far more organized.

Utilize Wall Space

One thing that most people in their office – whether it be at home or work – have difficulty with is optimizing their space. Things can get cluttered on the floor and inside of your desk. It’s important to make the most of your wall space. You can use your wall to hang calendars, whiteboards, and filing systems in order to save an ample amount of room on your desk and floor. If your job requirements dictate that you utilize notebooks and filing space, it is recommended that you use floating shelves to hold them.

Label Makers

Even for people who are masterfully organized may have trouble finding the correct documents or files, at times. Investing in a good label maker can make the task of finding the correct files, documents, or receipts a far easier task than if your containers and books were unlabeled. Furthermore, label makers can be used on practically any sort of container. File folders and bins alike can both benefit from a label clearly stating what is contained therein. Modern label makers often allow for aesthetic uniformity, as well. Many allow you to change the font type and size before printing out the physical media.

Recycle Excess Paper

It can be easy to allow paper to accumulate on your desk. This is a surefire way to ensure that you become disorganized and may begin to lose important documents or files. At the end of every week, it is recommended that you thoroughly go through and examine all of the papers that have accrued on your desk. Are they important? Are they necessary? Do you need to follow up on the contents of the document? These are all important questions to ask yourself. If you do not require the paper, it is best to shred it and properly recycle the excess shavings at the end of the week.

Organizing your office isn’t such a headache inducing task, so long as you keep calm and take stock of what you need to do. Hopefully, this brief guide has given you a good idea of where to start. 

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