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Four Reasons You Need A Business Persona On Social Media

If you are engaged in an online business opportunity or venture, the single best places to find new clients or business partners is also online. One of the best things about an online venture is that there are so many devices that connect you with your business 24/7. Whereas in-person ventures will require regular hours or depending on offices being open, a business online never has to stop growing. Though you may be interested in announcing and throwing your new business opportunity on your social media pages, the best thing to do is to open a second social media persona. Here is why you need a separate business persona online.

Clean slate with everyone

When it comes to new businesses or new business people, it is natural for possible clients to be skeptical. If they look through your social media presence and find you less than business-like, they may not be interested. If you are the type of person who has engaged in ventures before that did not work out, others may also assume that this venture will turn out the same. Start a new account with a clean slate so that you have the best chance at operating your business. 

Split your time wisely

Instead of trying to walk the fine line of balancing business posts with personal posts, a business persona means that you dedicate specific time to both. You also do not want your family and friends writing personal things on your business page and you do not want to have to rifle through your personal social media accounts to find those who asked you business questions. Splitting personalities makes splitting time easier and wiser. 

You don’t annoy family and friends

Family and friends can become annoyed if their social media accounts are overtaken by business advertisements. Likewise, it is not a wise investment of time for you to post on family and friend pages who may not be interested in your venture. You want to concentrate your efforts on finding those who are interested in your new company. Starting a new social media business persona will allow you to keep family and friends, but still make business contacts. 

Search engine optimization is immediate 

Even social media is optimized to help people find companies or industries that they may be interested in through the things that they type. If you run your business under your personal name, you are missing the opportunity to have your venture broadcast to possible clients. A business persona with a clear business name and industry will net you “drive by” sightings that can increase your revenue. 

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Three Hottest Tattoo Cover-Up Ideas For Women

Many people are expressing themselves and their unique interests through tattoos. This is a great way to get a piece of permanent artwork applied to your body with ink. However, with the ever-widening acceptance of tattoos comes the increased incidents of people who get a tattoo that they later find themselves to be less-than-pleased with. If you are one of the people that finds yourself with a tattoo that makes you unhappy, you don’t have to spend the summer in turtlenecks, gloves, pants and boots to hide your regrettable ink. The following ideas will give you a starting point when you work to find a solution to cover your tattoo that is right for you.

Makeup: The Quick, Painless and Inexpensive Solution

One of the easiest and most pain-free methods of covering a tattoo is the application of a liquid makeup product to cover the ink and blend in with your skin. There are several makeup brands that make concealers, powders and foundations for the sole purpose of covering up a tattoo on your body. These makeup products provide heavy coverage but are easily blendable and buildable. They also hold up to sweat, heat and clothing so they won’t melt or rub off your body. For tattoos on the arms, consider using cover-up sleeves, like those from BLT Global enterprises.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is one of the most popular methods of rectifying the mistake of a bad tattoo – the best way to cover something is to remove it completely. Most laser tattoo removal professionals recommend six to eight treatments to completely remove the ink. The process comes with a little discomfort, but it is comparable to the discomfort that comes with getting a tattoo applied initially.

Add Depth and Design to an Old Tattoo

If a laser tattoo removal procedure is not an option due to the investment of time and money that goes into this method of tattoo repair, you can always add on to the tattoo containing the name. The fourth tattoo in this compilation took the name of an old lover, and added to it in a funny way. This sort of comparison tattoo may not be something that you want on your body forever, but it will work in a pinch until you can save up for a better cover-up tattoo to cover the entire message. One of the easiest way to cover up a poorly-executed tattoo is the rose. Roses are gorgeous and with the right colors and dimensions, can become works of art. The customers in this compilation started with poorly-done tattoos that were turned into complete works of art with the help of a competent artist. And a floral tattoo cover-up can be the start of an entire sleeve of design elements that can be added to over time.

A cover-up tattoo doesn’t have to be limited to applying a bunch of roses and flower over an old tattoo. The customers in this piece found themselves dealing with a lackluster tattoo. The tattoo artists worked with them to add color, design elements, new lines and increased depth to existing tattoos. These elements transformed old, boring and poorly-applied tattoos into works of art that draw attention and showcase the wearers’ interests and the artists’ talents.

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