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Tips For Choosing Clothes For Jazz Dance Classes

If you are planning on attending your first in a series of jazz dance classes, you might be worried that you are going to wear the wrong thing and feel uncomfortable or, worse yet, not be able to do the moves. This can be stressful for you because you might already be worried about going into a new situation. Here are some tips for choosing clothing for a jazz dance class to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

1. Check Your Shoes

The first thing that you want to do is check the state of your athletic shoes. You want to make sure that they don’t have any holes in them and that the material out of which they are made is strong enough to hold your feet in the correct, upright position. You do not want the fabric to be loosened to the point where it lets your feet flop all over the place. If your shoes are not in a good state, it will be harder for you to do the moves because you will have to worry about your shoes and might be in pain. This will distract you from following the instructor. 

2. Get Shorts That Won’t Ride Up

Another potential source of discomfort and therefore distraction are having your thighs rub together and cause chafing. This phenomenon, commonly referred to as “chub rub,” can be extremely uncomfortable. One way to avoid it is to get shorts that cover your thighs and won’t ride up to the point where your thighs are directly in contact with each other. You could get long gym shorts that go to your knees because they won’t ride up. However, you might have a hard time finding shorts like this if you are female. A second option is to purchase compression shorts that stick directly to your thighs and compress slightly to stay in place. 

Because compression shorts are very tight, some people are uncomfortable with the outlines that they show. You can help reduce this problem by taking a second, shorter pair of shorts and putting them over the compression shorts. Some shorts even have this feature built in. 

Getting the shorts that you need will help you increase your comfort.

3. Get Fabric That Breathes

You are going to get sweaty during your class. Get athletic gear that is made out of a fabric that is specifically designed to cool quickly and let air pass through. Cotton also tends to breath better than synthetic fabrics. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in jazz dance classes, such as Debbie’s Dance Studio.

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Looking for a New Start? Look for Tech Growth

There’s no shortage of debates about the health of the US job market, but there are many entry-level job opportunities for people looking for a change. The service-based economy is based on performing services such as repairs or cleaning rather than manufacturing, product creation, or the focused goals of large corporations, and the tech industry is a growing part of the service industry. If you’re both in search of a new career and wanting to get into tech but lack the confidence to give computers and apps a try as a career, here are a few things that could bring you to the tech side.

Entry-Level IT Jobs Are Like Training Wheels

Entry level has always been defined as a low-skill pursuit for people just starting out, and the Information Technology (IT) world isn’t very different from other fields in this regard. Although it’s based on using technology that many people may be uncomfortable with controlling at a deeper level, if you’re able to get to this article and read it, you’re fairly close and can be trained.

Some positions require self-study, but if you’re at least familiar with computers, these fields bring in uncertified but organized employees.

Computer Technical Support. A good starting point for any person going into any field of IT. This covers everything from removing viruses to changing settings in Internet browsers and walking people through installing or uninstalling software.

Web design. Do you love art and enjoy creating great imagery? If your art alone isn’t selling, creating art that functions with websites and learning about the programming code in the background can change you from a starving artist to an artist engineer without compromising your artistic endeavors. Of course, a little more time will go to work than just art!

Programming. Programming is writing the code that makes every program or app in the computer and mobile-device world work. If your idea of art or invention is more about creating digital solutions to problems, this is your path.

Networking. Are you the person who connects speakers, video-game consoles, televisions, and anything else with cables together? Networking is the IT version of your job and just adds a bit of typing to tell every device what to do.

What About the Pay?

Entry-level pay isn’t always great, and there’s no single pay rate for every single discipline in the IT industry. That said, set your eyes on two main goals: growing into a better-paying career and not being unemployed.

If you don’t have a job and aren’t receiving unemployment benefits, the IT industry is a great way to get back into working without being in a dead-end career. It’s about the career, not the employer, so remember that even if your entry-level employer isn’t paying great raises or promoting people to new jobs, the skill set you’re learning is preparing you for better jobs in the IT industry.

As you work in your IT entry-level job, look for better paying and more fulfilling career options to give you something to shoot for. Many IT jobs reimburse certifications or college credits and are in favor of their workers becoming more qualified in their career path. Especially in the case of work-from-home technical support or help desk jobs, it’s known that IT employees are growing into a career and can either help internally or go to work for a client—which can result in a business connection for your boss at your entry-level job.

Contact an employment-office representative to discuss your plans for IT industry entry-level positions, or a higher position if you already have some skills.  

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3 Easy Ways To Cut Back On Packaging Waste In Your Shipping Facility

Running a business that prides itself on being environmentally friendly can be a challenge, but when you are in the business of warehousing and shipping products in packages, your efforts can become even more of a trying thing. The fact is, there is a lot of waste in shipping processes because of the sheer amount of paper and packaging involved in daily operations. However, there are a few steps you can take to cut back on paper and packaging waste in your shipping facility that will not take a whole lot of extra effort.

Make the change to recyclable packaging and filler materials.

Instead of styrofoam packing peanuts to keep products protected, consider switching to paper filler or recyclable paper wrapping. Even some plastic filler material is recyclable, such as plastic wrap. Plus, you can switch to air-wrap packing, which involves filling recyclable plastic pockets with air to create a cushioned filler that provides incredible protection and rarely involves waste. Likewise, you should be using recyclable cardboard as shipping boxes. This way, whatever your customer receives can be recycled and whatever waste you have on a day-to-day basis can also be easily recycled instead of sent out with trash.

Make use of a wider range of shipping box sizes. 

If all you have available for packaging outgoing products is a few box sizes to choose from, you will end up using far too much filler material to make the boxes better contain small or oddly shaped items. It is always best to go for a wide range of shipping box sizes so your employees will always have box on hand that is not too large or that does not leave a lot of empty space to be filled. This will prevent the need to use a lot of extra filler that will eventually just be tossed in the trash or recycled.

Invest in quality shipping materials.

From a business standpoint, it may seem logical to go with bulk quantities of paper and packaging materials for the lowest rate you can possibly find. However the lowest rate can also sometimes mean lower quality. In the end, you will be faced with much more waste with lower-quality materials because more of it could end up being of no use. For example, if you invest in the cheapest cardboard boxes you can find, you may see many of them damaged during handling and use, which will result in more waste everyday. 

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How You Can Install An Air Conditioner On Your Pop-Up Camper

The dog days of summer are a great time to get out into the woods in your pop-up camper to escape the heat during the day, but you may still end up missing your home air conditioner on hot humid nights. The best way to enjoy the woods while escaping the heat in the city is to install an air conditioner in the pop-up camper so you can sleep in comfort. If you are good with working with your hands, here is an overview on how you can install an air conditioner in the vent opening on your pop-up camper.

Purchase Air Conditioner

A standard RV rooftop air conditioner that fits into the vent opening can be used on your pop-up camper. The important thing is that you get a light-weight model that won’t put too much stress on a pop-up camper roof. Measure the opening of the vent to make sure you get an air conditioner that will fit into it.

Remove Vent

Unscrew the bracket attaching the vent to the roof and remove the vent and bracket. You should also remove the weather stripping and caulking from around the vent opening. Any caulk or rubber from the weather stripping that sticks to the roof can be removed with a plastic putty knife. A plastic putty knife won’t scratch the roof as easily as a metal one. Clean the perimeter of the opening with mineral spirits to remove any residue from the caulking or weather stripping. After cleaning, you should fill the screw holes with fresh exterior-use caulk before setting the compressor over the vent opening. The caulk will prevent water from getting in through the screw holes.

Install Compressor Unit

The compressor unit goes on top of the roof. 

Many RV air conditioner units have a gasket already installed on the bottom of the compressor unit to create a good seal to prevent air and water leaks. You want to set the compressor down into place over the vent opening without sliding it across the roof. Sliding the compressor across the roof could damage the gasket. Place the compressor over the vent opening hole. Open the roof on the pop-up camper and make sure the compressor is centered properly over the opening so you can install the mounting hardware.

Install Duct Divider

The duct divider goes into the space between the compressor and the fan bracket of the air conditioner. The duct divider is used to separate the one side of the compressor that pulls fresh air into the unit from the side that pushes cool air into the camper.

Install Fan

The blower fan and bracket for the air conditioner are mounted to the bottom of the compressor from inside the camper with long bolts. Bolt the fan and bracket to the compressor.

Install Fan Cover

The last thing you need to do is screw the fan cover to the mounting bracket for the fan before you plug the air conditioner into an electrical outlet inside the camper. Turn on the air conditioner to make sure you get cool air before you go out camping.

For additional information, contact an air conditioning contractor in your area.

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Four Reasons You Need A Business Persona On Social Media

If you are engaged in an online business opportunity or venture, the single best places to find new clients or business partners is also online. One of the best things about an online venture is that there are so many devices that connect you with your business 24/7. Whereas in-person ventures will require regular hours or depending on offices being open, a business online never has to stop growing. Though you may be interested in announcing and throwing your new business opportunity on your social media pages, the best thing to do is to open a second social media persona. Here is why you need a separate business persona online.

Clean slate with everyone

When it comes to new businesses or new business people, it is natural for possible clients to be skeptical. If they look through your social media presence and find you less than business-like, they may not be interested. If you are the type of person who has engaged in ventures before that did not work out, others may also assume that this venture will turn out the same. Start a new account with a clean slate so that you have the best chance at operating your business. 

Split your time wisely

Instead of trying to walk the fine line of balancing business posts with personal posts, a business persona means that you dedicate specific time to both. You also do not want your family and friends writing personal things on your business page and you do not want to have to rifle through your personal social media accounts to find those who asked you business questions. Splitting personalities makes splitting time easier and wiser. 

You don’t annoy family and friends

Family and friends can become annoyed if their social media accounts are overtaken by business advertisements. Likewise, it is not a wise investment of time for you to post on family and friend pages who may not be interested in your venture. You want to concentrate your efforts on finding those who are interested in your new company. Starting a new social media business persona will allow you to keep family and friends, but still make business contacts. 

Search engine optimization is immediate 

Even social media is optimized to help people find companies or industries that they may be interested in through the things that they type. If you run your business under your personal name, you are missing the opportunity to have your venture broadcast to possible clients. A business persona with a clear business name and industry will net you “drive by” sightings that can increase your revenue. 

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