3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Invest In An Answering Service

As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to provide customers with the best experience possible. From the minute they contact your business to the time the product or service is delivered, you want everything to be just right. One aspect of dealing with customers is providing them exceptional customer service. After all, you want to make sure your customers have a positive experience and come back time and time again. One of the ways to ensure your customer is never left to chance is to have a live answering service on hand at all times. Just check out the following reasons why.

It ensures you never miss out on a sale.

The whole reason you are in business is to make a profit and provide a good or service to the public. If a customer calls and no one is there to answer the phone, you could wind up missing out on a sale. People want someone to answer the phone when they call. They don’t want to leave a message or have to try and call back during normal business hours. By having an answering service on hand, that won’t be a problem. Your customer is taken care of and you don’t miss out on anything. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

It reduces costs.

If you think about it, you end up spending a significant amount of money on training an employee to answer the phones for you. Then, you have to factor in benefits and paid time off. It all adds up rather quickly. With a live answering service on hand, you don’t have to worry about going through and training someone new when the other person leaves. The agency handles all of that for you. They also take care of benefits and holidays, thus helping to save you money.

It ensures you don’t miss an important call.

As a business owner, there is no way for you to be available to answer each and every call that comes into the business. However, the last thing you want is to end up missing out on an important call simply because you couldn’t get to the phone. A live answering service will always be there to answer the phone. If needed, they can page you to take the call and transfer it through to you. This way you never miss a call, regardless of where you are.

With so many benefits to hiring a live answering service, it makes sense that you should look into hiring one of these professionals today. Check out the site for more info.

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Clover In Your Lawn – To Kill Or Not To Kill?

Clover is one plant that people either hate or love. There are benefits of having clover growing in your lawn, but if you like your lawn filled with nothing but the most beautiful grass, it isn’t something you want to look at. So, clover – to kill or not to kill?

Benefits of Clover

The most enjoyed benefit of clover is the natural introduction of fertilizer into the soil. Clover sucks up the nitrogen in the air and deposits it into the ground as a form of fertilizer. This can help a lawn maintain a steady level of fertilization throughout the year without having the lawn fertilized often.

If you live in a dry climate, clover can help you keep your lawn green. Since clover roots go well beyond the depth of grass roots, it doesn’t require as much water and can stay green during the dry spells without additional watering.

Pet urine can cause brown spots throughout your yard. Clover resists the acid in the urine that browns the grass. So, if you have a dog or cat that is killing your grass, you can use clover in the area that they are prone to peeing and maintain the green color more easily.

If you don’t have the healthiest soil, clover could be the solution to your growing problems. Poorly fertilized lawns, dry areas, and pet friendly lawns can all benefit from adding a mixture of clover seeds to the lawn.

Clever Use of Clover

Some homeowners have used clover to help increase the natural fertilization in the soil for a few seasons. After the soil conditions have improved and the grass does well with just a few applications of fertilizer, the homeowners then use broad-leafed herbicide to kill the clover and achieve the beautiful, “weed-free” lawn that they have been striving for.

To remove the clover, apply the herbicide formulated specifically for broad-leaf plants. Do this a day or so before rain is expected so that it has a chance to work on the plant part of the clover before being washed into the ground to kill the roots.

Once the clover has died, fill in any empty patches of lawn with grass seed and keep your lawn damp for the next 3 weeks.

Contact a local fertilization expert like H 2 O Systems Inc for assistance with maintaining the healthy levels of fertilization the clover has helped you to achieve.

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Top Reasons Why Your Parent Should Move To An Assisted Living Facility

Do you have an elderly parent that requires care, but is still healthy and active enough to not need a nursing home? Are they the type of person who rejects the idea that they are getting older and are in need of assistance now and then? Taking care of an aging parent can be difficult, especially if they don’t see themselves as getting older. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, here are some things that might help convince your parent to move to an assisted living facility:

Independence: Contrary to what some people think, an assisted living facility doesn’t mean that the residents are monitored 24/7. Depending on mobility and mental faculties, your parent may rarely interact with staff at all if they don’t care to do so. This allows them to continue doing all their shopping, visit grandkids and do whatever else they enjoy doing. 

Faster care: Have you ever received a call in the middle of the night because one of your parent’s lights burnt out? Although your parent may still be relatively active, he or she may not be steady enough to climb on ladders in order to change light bulbs. Even though he or she may have insisted that you come over right away to change the bulb, and even though you may have tried to get over there right away, it may have been hours before you were actually able to do so. With assisted living, the staff are already on-site and can have the light bulb changed in a matter of minutes. No longer do you or your parent have to worry about falling down in the dark during midnight trips to the bathroom. 

Regular activities: As your parent has gotten older, it may be more difficult for him or her to find friends that are his or her own age. Your parent’s neighbors may be half their age and have little in common with him or her, potentially making him or her feel lonely and isolated. In an assisted living facility, your parent will once again be able to discuss his or her favorite movies and television shows from when he or she was a child, without needing to provide lengthy explanations. For active residents, assisted living facilities often have things like tennis courts or swimming pools that are available for use. They may also provide residents with weekly “field trips” to local libraries, museums, and other nearby points of interest. 

For a local assisted living facility, contact a company such as Grace Assisted Living.

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Why You Might Want To Rent Heavy Machinery For Your Construction Company

If you run a construction company that will occasionally require the use of heavy machinery, you might want to consider simply renting the equipment when you need it instead of buying your own. To help you understand why this would be the best move for you, you will want to take the time to review the following points.

Less Insurance Coverage Needed 

Sure, you are still going to need a certain amount of insurance coverage for your business, but you might not need as much of it if you do not own expensive equipment such as cranes. After all, if you own such machinery, your insurance policy has to be large enough to repair or completely replace it should something go wrong. Therefore, by simply renting it when you need it, you will be able to save yourself a little extra money.

You Don’t Have To Store It

Large machinery needs to be properly stored in order to protect it from harsh weather and criminals. If you do not have a lot of other large pieces of machinery, you would have to build or rent a storage unit just for this single piece of equipment. However, if you are simply renting it when you need to use it, the company that owns it will have to deal with that issue.

There Are No Maintenance Requirements

When you rent equipment from a rental company, you will not have to worry about keeping up with the machine’s maintenance. The equipment rental company will also be the ones that are responsible for any repairs that are needed. Therefore, if it happens to break down while you are using it, you will simply give the company a call so that they can pick it up and bring you another one so that you can continue with your work.

No Worries About Training Operators

If you were to own your own heavy machinery, you would have to make sure that you have a few employees who are trained to operate it. This way, no matter who calls off sick or happens to find work elsewhere, you must always have someone on the crew that can operate it. This can be time consuming and can cost you a lot of extra money if one of your crew members were to become injured while operating it. If you want to avoid all of that, you can rent machinery that comes with an operator.

With those points in mind, you should have no trouble deciding whether heavy machinery and Bobcat rentals are indeed in your best interest.

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3 Keys To Choosing A Secure Storage Facility

If you don’t have room in your garage or storage shed, renting a storage locker can be a good idea. On the other hand, thieves may be interested in breaking into storage facilities simply because of all of the goods stored there. Thus, when you choose a storage facility, you need to make sure that you find a secure facility. Knowing what to look for will help you to make a good choice. 

Gate Codes

When you choose a facility, you want one that is surrounded by a masonry wall instead of a fence. Even though a masonry wall will be much harder to get through than a fence, the gate will always be a weak point. A storage facility with a modern security system should have the ability to assign each person who uses the facility their own security code. This will deter thieves from trying to access the facility, but it will also track when each person accesses the system. This can help track down thieves who may get hold of a code to access a facility. 

Security Cameras

Security codes around the gate and the perimeter of a facility may help to catch people who try to access the facility. You should look for cameras on the inside placed so that there are no dark corners that are not covered by the cameras. You should also make sure that the footage taken by the cameras is recorded so that it can be used to catch thieves, if necessary, after the fact instead of just helping an on-duty guard to detect robberies. 

Locker Codes

Even if you buy a theft-resistant lock for your locker, thieves may be able to find a way to get past it. Look for a facility that equips every locker with its own coded alarm. When you rent the locker, you should be able to create a security code that allows you to turn off the alarm when you access the locker. Because thieves will not have access to this code, they will trip the alarm and security guards and police can descend on thieves before they have a chance to get away. 

Storage facilities can be useful to a homeowner, but you have to make sure that the goods you store there are well protected. Taking the time to ensure that a storage locker uses a state-of-the-art security system is the best way to make sure your belongings are safe. Contact a self storage facility in your area like Nine Mile Self Storage for more information.

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Awesome Office Furniture To Make Your Employees Happier And Healthier

It’s no secret that most jobs these days require employees to sit at their desks for a majority of the day. Whether you own a call center or a design firm (or anything in between), it’s just a fact that most businesses use computers to get things done. The more society relies on computers, the more people sit. Your business might be thriving, but your employees might feel simultaneously antsy and sluggish from sitting at a desk from 9-5. Luckily, you can make things better by introducing cutting-edge office furniture to reduce stress on employee bodies. Here are a few options to consider.

Standing Desks

Sitting at a desk all day can give your employees bad posture and hurt their health. If your company uses cubicles, there’s a good chance that they come with an option to raise the desk height so employees can comfortably stand while working at their computers. Many of your employees might want to take advantage of this option, but will look to you for the OK. Purchase desk chairs that can be raised to offer a high seating option for standing employees that need intermittent breaks. Or, buy padded stools for a cheaper option.  

Treadmill Desks

If you want to take your company’s health to the next level, you can always opt for treadmill desks. These treadmills with built-in desks allow people to stay active, even when they are on their computers all day. While treadmill desks can be expensive, they send the message that you value your employees’ health and well-being. The investment might be worth it when you consider overall company satisfaction. A healthy employee is a happy employee, and that benefits you.  

Exercise Balls

For some businesses, standing desks and treadmill desks just aren’t an option. For a cheaper alternative (or maybe a baby step in the right direction), offer exercise balls in lieu of standard office chairs. Exercise balls work a person’s leg, core and upper back muscles. They also improve posture and maintain focus. An employee who gets antsy at their desk can benefit from the small but steady movements an exercise ball requires. Be sure to order large exercise balls (approximately 65 cm) if most of your employees are between 5’4″ and 5’11”. This will provide a comfortable height so employees don’t have to crane their necks or twist their wrists while seated. 

It can be a big investment to provide non-standard commercial furniture for your employees, especially if you have a big company. However, the small movements these furniture pieces facilitate will translate into healthier and more content employees.

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