Effective Ways to Cope with the Death of a Parent

Did you recently lose one of your parents to death? The holidays and other family events may make grieving even harder. The following tips can aid in helping you to cope and comfort other family members as well as yourself. 

Actively participate in keeping your parent’s memory alive.

There are a variety of ways to do this. Think of things that your deceased parent enjoyed participating in while they were living. For example,  if they had a favorite charity, you could continue to make donations to the charity in honor of your parent. If a certain disease or condition contributed to their death, you could raise awareness by participating in state and local benefits or acquire memberships to these organizations for your family members.

Continue holiday traditions.

Your surviving parent may want to forgo holiday traditions. Offer the suggestion to other family members to turn the holidays into mini celebrations for your deceased parent. For example, if your family celebrates Thanksgiving and your dad normally carved the turkey, your family could have a moment of silence prior to carving the turkey in honor of your deceased father.

It may also help to bring out old photographs from previous years. Your family can use these to recollect past holidays and the fun times you all shared. Consider putting the photographs on a table and reference it as “the memory table.”

Refrain from being too opinionated about how other family members are coping.

People handle grief differently. Refrain from making statements such as, “You have got to get over this. You need to get out of the house and socialize.” Statements like these could cause others to feel as though there is something wrong with them for grieving in their own way. 

Plan a family activity close to the annual anniversary of your parent’s death.

This is a way to start new traditions. You could choose to have a family dinner or cookout. You can also come up with unique ways to commemorate your parent’s life. You could release balloons with personal notes attached, print t-shirts with a photo of your parent and their birth and death date, or visit their gravesite to leave gifts such as flowers, figurines, and balloons.

The funeral services provider your family selected can be used as a resource for getting more tips on coping with grief. They may also be able to refer you to additional community resources such as grief counseling or support groups. Contact a representative from an establishment like Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd for further advice.

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Special Considerations For Storing Artworks Or Antiques

When you have artwork or antiques, most of the time you have them on display or in use. However, there may come a time when you need to store them; perhaps you are remodeling the house and need to put them away to keep them safe during the work. You should not simply put these items in the basement or attic; they need special treatment to keep them in good condition. It is important you find a storage facility, such as Reliable Self Storage of Victorville, that offers the following conditions in the unit you will be renting.

Climate Control

When you are storing works of art or antiques, it is important that the climate of the storage unit to remains constant. The temperature should be kept as close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit as possible. In addition to the temperature, the humidity needs to be steady as well. They should be stored in a unit with a 55 percent humidity. This will keep paper, paint, wood, canvas and cloth from drying out and cracking. It will also keep metals from rusting.


Light can damage most materials. Any light fixtures inside the unit should be filtered to protect against UV rays. Go into the empty unit during the day and shut the door. If you notice any beams of light coming into the unit, you may want to ask for a different unit. If there are no units completely sealed from light rays, get some opaque caulk and plug the holes. This will ensure that you do not end up with a spot or streak on the piece that the ray fell on.

Pest Control

Even if your unit seems to be completely sealed from the elements and light, it does not mean that insects and other pests cannot find a way inside. The facility should have a pest control schedule in place to keep them away from the unit. In addition, you may want to consider putting traps or bait inside the unit. Do not spray harsh chemicals around your possessions as they can settle onto things and cause damage.

The conditions where you store your belongings is just as important as how they are packed and stacked. Do not assume that because you used soft, clean blankets or padded wrap and strong, wooden boxes your items will be safe. Pay attention to the storage facility as a whole and your unit in particular. When properly stored, you can be sure your things will be just the way they were when you packed them up, even if they are there for years. 

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3 Reasons You Need A Custom Engraving Business For Your Wedding Day

With your wedding day approaching, there are likely a lot of professionals and businesses that you likely have on your list of places to visit to obtain all of the things that you need for the big day. However, if you are like a lot of anticipating brides and grooms, a custom engraving business will not be one of them. If you want to make sure your wedding day is filled with all of those special details that make it all your own, there are three good reasons you should stop by a custom engraving shop.

Customize Bride and Groom Dinnerware

The table setting for the wedding party is the most special spot at the event and the dinnerware should reflect it in a way that everyone knows this setting’s importance. You can get plain plates, glasses, and silverware and take it to a custom engraver to have names or labels etched onto the glass. You may even want to have the date added to the dinnerware just to commemorate the occasion and the pieces can be proudly displayed in a curio cabinet for the many years to come.

Get Uniquely Engraved Wedding Bands

There is no easier way to make sure that the wedding bands you and your soon-to-be spouse exchange at the ceremony are special than by adding custom engraving. Many couples choose to have their bands engraved with their names or the date of their wedding at the jewelry store, but with a professional engraver who specializes in this trade, you may even have access to even more unique details to make the set of rings only yours. For example, you may have a special symbol or specific type of filigree that you would like to add.

Give Guests a Memorable Wedding Favor

Keychains, pens, and other wedding favors can be a great way to give your guests something they can keep to remind them of your special day. Make sure that the special day is always remembered by having your wedding favors engraved with a quote from your wedding invitations or your names. Even if you do not want to spring for custom engraving for all of the wedding favors, it is always a good idea to do something special for the wedding party to show your appreciation.

A wedding is all about taking ordinary items and making them fit into your idea of uniqueness. Talk to a custom engraving professional, like those at Apogee Signs, for even more ideas about how to do just that with the items you have included in your big day.

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Guard Your Data: Scam Artists Can Ruin Your Business Through Analytics Theft

If you run an online business, your website has what are called analytics. These are data points created through analyzing the traffic to and from your website. Basically, analytics let you know things like how many people visited and which pages they stayed on the longest. Analytics are very valuable because they show what tactics work to get web traffic. And if you have decided to sell your business, it gives scam artists a chance to grab your analytics and leave you with dwindling business.

Knowing Analytics Means They Can Swipe Your Audience

If a competitor gets access to your click analytics (data showing where people were clicking when they looked at your site), for example, he or she could configure the competing website with the features that worked for you. That might not sound so bad at first — but the competing website could pull customers away from your site, possibly making you lose money in the process. The competitor really doesn’t have to do anything other than tweak their websites so that they are saturated with attractive links and articles.

Getting You to Hand Over Analytics on a Platter

The worst part about a competitor grabbing your website analytics is that it’s often you who gave them out in the first place. SEOBook notes that a common tactic is to find a person who wants to sell a company or website and then to ask for the data before closing the sale. The buyer says they want to buy your company and follows through with almost all required paperwork, but once you agree to sell to them, they say that they need to look at your website data first to ensure everything is fine. They say they’ll complete the sale after they take a look.

SEOBook is firmly against giving out analytics, asking why the buyer made an offer to begin with if they had no idea of how the site was doing. This could make many buyers threaten to walk away, but SEOBook is right — if they made an offer to begin with, either they already knew the site was worth buying, or they have an ulterior motive. If you do give them your data, there’s a good chance that they’ll secretly take the good information and implement it on their own sites while suddenly deciding not to buy your site.

If you want to find out how to sell your business or website safely, without losing customers or data, contact small-business for sale sites. They should have procedures in place that allow potential buyers to check out your site without risking data theft.

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Is Your Home For Rent? How A Property Management Company Can Help

If you are putting your home up for rent, you may want to consider hiring a property management company from a site like http://www.harlandpropertymanagement.com/ to help you. It can save you time, because this company can deal with things like marketing your home, and managing your landscaping.

Finding Tenants

Finding the right tenants is one of the most important decisions you can make as a landlord. A property management company can help you find tenants that will pay their rent on time each month, keep your rental home in good conditions, and not cause any problems. The first thing they will likely do is define the terms of the rental agreement. They will help you determine how much rent you want to charge, whether to offer a month to month or fixed term lease, and how many tenants are allowed to occupy the home. They will also help you determine if you need to charge a security deposit, and how much the deposit should be.

The property management company will also take care of advertising the home. For example, they will use for rent signs in the yard, advertise your rental home online with different services, put an ad in local newspapers, make up flyers to distribute, and may work with local real estate agencies that handle rental properties..

They will take care of interviewing possible renters, doing the background checks, and going over the rental agreement with them to make sure they understand everything.

Managing the Landscape

If you have a few flowers planted in the front yard, or a couple of bushes, the property management company will likely hire a landscape company to create a new landscape design for your yard. The company may adorn the entrance to your home with assorted perennials and annuals using flowers like Lily-of-the-Nile, Snapdragon, and Petunia, and placing flowers by the front door. The company can add dimension by using hanging baskets and elevated planters, and by adding a decorative bench, water fountain, or a garden statue.

You may have potential visitors visit your home in the evenings. For this reason, landscape lighting should be used so they can still enjoy the beautiful landscaping. The property management company may suggest placing lights along paths or walkways so people can see their way. For this, lights that project downward should be used so they do not glare in someone’s eyes.

Landscape lighting can be used to outline a flower bed using rope lights. Downlighting placed over the flower garden casts the light down over it. Uplighting can be used to cast a light upward to illuminate a structure, such as a water fountain or statue.

Entry lighting is also important to illuminate stairs. They will choose hardware that goes well with your home. A softer landscape lighting mood can be achieved by placing the landscape lighting under bushes or shrubs.

The property management company can help you with things like handling repair and maintenance issues, and collecting rental payments for you.

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Finding The Right Candidate For The Job

If your business is ready to hire and the positions you have available require individuals that meet certain criteria, you will want to take extra time in the process used for interviewing. There are a few ways you can obtain employees who will work well within your company. Here are some methods to consider when trying to find the best candidate for the employment opportunity you have available.

Hire A Headhunting Service

Headhunting services will do the work for you to weed through applications, leaving you with the best of the bunch to interview. You will need to pay a fee to the service and they will scout out the area for applicants by placing their own advertisements in newspapers and online. From the batch of resumes they receive, they will match the qualifications to the traits you had requested and will provide you with a list of people you will want to give interviews.

Purchase Recruiting Software

Smart recruiting software will allow you to track all applicants by inputting information into a program to be analyzed in a variety of methods. The information is usually obtained by linking your software to an employment website. You will list a help wanted advertisement and when a person applies, their personal information will be directed into your account. You can sift through the applicant information to find the best matches for the job and then call the people to interview. 

After interviewing is over, information can be input into the program so you remember what qualities you like or do not like about each person. Many recruiting software programs are completely cloud-based, allowing you to look up the information at any time from a cellphone, laptop, or tablet without needing to download anything to the system. These accounts are usually ongoing and paid for by the month or year.

Join A Job Fair

Consider enrolling your company to hold a booth at a job fair. This is a great opportunity to see applicants in person when they hand in their credentials to be looked at for hiring. You will be able to ask each applicant questions right on the spot to decide whether you would like to find out more about them at a later time. If you seem to click with an applicant, simply mark their paperwork with an unobtrusive notation on the back or in the corner so you will be sure to give them a follow-up call to bring them into your company for an interview.

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