2 Easy Crafts To Make For Decorating The Tables In Your Restaurant

If you operate a restaurant business and are looking for a unique, cost-effective way to decorate your tables, here are two great ideas. Each of these ideas is affordable, and you can use your own creativity to enhance the ideas to make them fit the needs of your restaurant.

Make Placemats

You can purchase all kinds of specialty paper to use to make your own place mats, and this is an easy project that anyone could do. To make placemats with specialty paper, start by choosing the type of paper you would like to use. You can use standard size pieces of paper, or you could use larger ones.

After you select the paper that you like, you will need to laminate it. You can do this yourself if you have a laminating machine, you purchase laminating paper, or you can hire this out to a company that sells paper.

Once the sheets are laminated, you will have unique, beautiful place mats to use at your restaurant, and you can reuse these over and over. Another nice factor is that you can make different ones for holidays or special events, and you will not have to spend a lot of money on this.

Make Your Own Vases

A second great idea that is easy and cheap is making vases to use for your centerpieces. To make these, you will need:

  • Specialty paper
  • White glue
  • Sponge brush
  • Scissors
  • Jars
  • Flowers

You can use your leftover specialty paper so it matches the place mats you made, and you can save up a variety of different types of jars to use for the vases. The jars can be any size or shape, but you must wash off all of the labels and sticky residue from them before you begin.

To begin, you must cut the specialty paper into pieces that will fit inside the jars. You will then need to use the sponge brush to rub glue all over the inside of the jar. Once the glue is inside, you can place the papers in the jars and push them against the sides so they stay.

Once the jars dry, you will have the perfect vases to use for your tables, and you can place any types of flowers in the vases.

These are easy ideas to use for any type of restaurant, and you can customize them to fit the needs, desires, and themes of your restaurant business. 

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How Aerial Advertising Can Help Your Sales Soar

If you have a business where you sell a product or a service, you most likely use advertisements of some sort to help entice people to purchase whatever it is you are selling. Advertising is done in several different ways, with the ultimate goal of attracting customers by using slogans and offering bargains. If you live in a coastal town, aerial advertising can help you boost your customer base even more.

Here is some information that you can use to help with your advertising strategies by taking your marketing to the air.

Banner Advertising

When deciding you would like to try an aerial advertisement to see if it will increase your customer base, you will need to decide where you would like the advertisement to be promoted and what kind of advertisement you would like to see. With a business in a coastal community, airplane and helicopter banner advertisements work very well in drawing in clients.

The sky transportation would attach a huge banner to the back of the structure and fly back and forth for a set amount of time, along the beach area that you specify.

You can order the banner directly from the aerial advertising service. You upload a picture of exactly what you would like the plane to fly with. The company enlarges the sample onto a huge banner. People will paint the lettering and background on the banner after the outline is transferred to the banner. This is to save on the cost of ink. The airplane flies up and the banner is seen from down below every time it flies up and down the coastline.

Skywriting Advertising

You can also try a skywriting advertisement. This is done by having an airplane emit smoke from smoke oil tanks into the air. They fly in the pattern of the different letters that you are trying to spell out. This type of advertisement gets a great reaction, as people will stare at the sky to see what letter the plane will spell out next.

It is usually used by bigger, established companies as the plane is limited in the amount of oil it is able to bring up into the sky, thereby only being able to spell out a certain number of letters. Well-known or newer companies use this service to get that one word out there, enticing people to seek more information about the company on their own.

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3 Print Management Services Questions For Administrators

Are you taking care of a large corporate system or other distributed network? If you’re looking at print management services for these larger kinds of networks, you want to pay attention to tips like the following and get the solutions that will work for your business or organization.

Large Scale Versus Small Scale Print Management

Individual home users and others with small-scale systems are often looking at intuitive controls, easy access, and other user-friendly issues when they are looking at print management services. But for larger systems, there is a whole different set of questions to be asked. Many of them revolve around how print management services work with the other software that accommodates network traffic and cohesive functionality.

Generally, different pieces of software use application programming interfaces and other tools to support a greater architecture with good data flow and compatibility, but some systems are better at this than others.

How Big Is Your Network?

One essential question is the size of your corporate or organization network. You may need individual instances of software to run on different pieces of network hardware, and different kinds of print management services may offer more granular features for making commands or operating from different workstations. For more on this, look at this Technet resource from Microsoft.

How Do Print Management Services Work With Virtualization?

These days, a lot of larger networks are built on the principle of network virtualization. This means that individual software pieces are carved up into logical components. It also means that the system will have a series of what are called “virtual machines.”

Each one works as its own workstation, and that means print management services need to be able to recognize virtual machines, take their input well, and delegate to them as necessary. For example, a resource like Open Virtual Memory System or OpenVMS (described here at Techopedia) has print management features that are designed to work with diverse systems.

How’s the Support?

This last question is unbelievably valuable for network administrators.

Simply put, when you purchase print management services or any other kinds of operational software, you want to know that the vendor will be in the trenches with you, rather than hiding and ignoring your requests in an emergency. The best print management services vendors offer 24/7 lifetime support for systems, and actually deliver on that promise.

Having back channels of communication and working closely with vendors will ensure that you’ll be able to use the software that you need to accomplish network printing and everything else that you do day-to-day.

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Common Questions And Concerns About Implementing A Backyard Ice Rink

If you live in an area where the winters are long and temperatures stay near freezing or below for an extended period of time, your backyard is just about useless for several months out of the year. By incorporating a backyard ice rink you will be transforming your property into a place where everyone in the neighborhood can have a lot of fun in spite of the cold weather. If this is something that you are considering, you most likely have some questions and concerns about installation. Here are a few of the most common.

What Climate Works Best for a Backyard Ice Rink?

The ideal climate for a backyard ice rink would be one that provides a temperature that steadily remains below freezing. If you live in an area where the daytime winter temperature rises above freezing and only dips below freezing at night, an ice rink is not a good idea.

How Level Does the Yard Need to Be?

Your yard actually does not have to be completely level for an ice rink to be installed by a professional. The contractor will be installing a perimeter that can be adjusted to allow for slope and slight variations in the surface level of the yard.

How Is the Surface of the Ice Maintained?

When you are using your backyard ice rink on a regular basis, it will not be uncommon for the ice to be compromised with scraped, dings, and damage. It is recommended that you invest in an ice groomer that will help keep the surface smooth and safe for skating. You can also achieve a smooth surface by adding a thin layer of water to the surface with your water hose.  

How Thick Will the Ice Be?

The thickness of your ice skating rink should be around two inches. Anything much thinner than this will be prone to breakage with weight, and thicker ice will be harder to keep frozen solid during slight temperatures rises.

When the Cold Season Is Over, What Happens to the Rink?

When the weather starts to warm, the ice in your rink will melt gradually and most of it will evaporate without the need to be drained. However, if temperature changes occur quickly, you may need to open the drainage perimeter to allow water to get out. Once the rink is drained and dry, you can remove perimeter materials and store them away for the season.

You will be amazed at just how simple it can be to have a backyard ice rink installed on your property. With the help of a professional installer, your new rink can be installed in as little as a few hours and be ready for use by the next day. Talk to an ice rink installer in your area for if you have further questions and concerns.

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The Use Of Biometric Technology As A Gun Safe Authentication Tool

Gun owners traditionally store their weapons in gun safes secured behind a key lock or a combination lock. Even though these two methods are highly effective, the use of biometric technology as a gun safe authentication method is growing in popularity. Here is a brief look into biometric technology, how it is used as a gun safe security device, and why gun owners should consider buying a safe with this new authentication system.

What is Biometric Technology?

Biometric technology” is the use of human biological data for security authentication purposes. The “human biological data” used can be facial features and structure, fingerprints, iris and retina recognition, and voice recognition. 

History of Biometric Technology

Even though biometric technology has only come into fashion in the last few decades, its use in authentication actually dates as far back as prehistoric times. Historians believe that ancient people used hand prints as signatures identifying the artists behind cave paintings. Since these ancient times, cultures have used human data (usually fingerprints) to ensure the authenticity of letters, identity of children and criminals, and record business transactions.

In the last few decades, biometric technology has seen its most rapid advancements. Now, biometric technology can be used as a “password” for access to buildings, cell phones, vehicles, and of course, gun safes.

How Does Biometric Technology Work?

Gun safes with biometric technology security features usually use fingerprints or palm prints to authenticate entry. Gun safes with fingerprint or palm print authentication systems have four steps involved:

  1. A “reader” accepts the authorized person’s fingerprints or palm print;
  2. The software pinpoints key identifying aspects of the print and saves the image into a database;
  3. When a person tries to access the safe, that person’s fingerprint or palm print is compared with the data saved in the database; and
  4. The safe grants or denies access according to how closely the incoming print matches the saved print. 

Why Should a Gun Owner Consider Purchasing a Safe That Uses Biometric Technology?

Gun safes are traditionally secured behind a key lock, a combination lock, or both. There are both positive and negative aspects to these security features. For example, a combination lock gives the gun owner the freedom to access the safe at any time, without the need to constantly carry a physical key. Yet, in the event of a break-in or robbery, the gun owner might not be able to quickly navigate the combination lock because of stress or lack of time. On the other hand, a key prevents the need to remember a combination in a stressful situation, but can truly inconvenience the gun owner if the key is lost or misplaced.

The use of biometric technology as a gun safe authentication system does away with these negatives. The recognition technology quickly grants (or, as the case may be, denies) access to the safe, and the gun owner need not worry about remembering a combination sequence or the location of a key.

Some gun safes also save more than one fingerprint set or palm print, so more than one gun owner can access the safe. This is particularly useful for married couples. 

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Party Rentals For All Ages In Phoenix AZ

When my husband graduated from college I wanted to throw him a big party. I looked around and found several different party rentals in Phoenix AZ. There were so many to choose from, but I finally picked one that he would love. I found a place where there were big screen televisions and game systems. I invited all of his friends and they played games against each other. My husband loved the party and I loved that I did not have the mess at my house. It was so painless that ever since that party I have rented other venues for various events.

For my daughter’s birthday I wanted to give her a fun birthday so I decided to look at party rentals from Phoenix AZ again. I found a little place that was made just for children. It had roller coasters, balloons, prizes, and food. They planned the entire party and I had to do no work at all. It was very inexpensive and all of the children and parents loved the party. I used that same venue for all of my children and it was a big hit every time. There were so many different options for parties in Phoenix and I loved not having to do any of the work.

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